Summer Camp Clubs and Electives

Adventure Skills – Spend the week learning about nature. Explore the camp’s nature trails, learn how to read a compass, pitch a tent, and create unique inspired crafts and other outdoor skills.

Archery – Learn what it takes to make a bull’s-eye! Practice the art of using a bow and arrow, and spend the week perfecting your aim.

Backyard Games – Join your fellow campers in playing a variety of traditional backyard games like horseshoes, volleyball, croquet, Frisbee golf, relay races, and much more.

Basketball – Got game? Bring your skills and learn some new ones as you play against other campers and counselors.

Batting Cages – Step up to the plate and start swinging. Learn the proper technique for hitting and then practice, practice, practice! Your hitting is sure to improve by the end of the week!

Boating – Bring your water shoes and hop in one of our boats. Spend the week on the water paddling down the creek.

Board Games – Spend a week playing fun, exciting board games. Learn how to play chess, checkers, and other board games.

Broadway Songs – Pick out songs from popular Broadway musicals and practice your singing on these fun, upbeat songs!

Camp Arts – Summer camp is all about making crafts. If you like arts and crafts then Camp Arts is for you! As a part of Camp Arts, you will make a variety of traditional camp projects such as sculpey, yarn art, paper flowers, and lanyards. See the Elective and Club Schedule for the individual art programs planned for each week.

Camp Arts: Bead, Paper, and Yarn Crafts – This week is full of projects that use beads, paper, and yarn to make fun summer crafts.

Camp Arts: Beaded Jewelry – Bring your creativity and be your own jewelry designer! We will show you how to make necklaces and bracelets, which are fun to trade with friends or just keep for yourself.

Camp Arts: Beauty Crafts – Be prepared to have some fun creating your own beauty- inspired crafts such as lip-gloss, flip-flops, bags, and hair bands.

Camp Arts: Decoupage Crafts – Join your friends and fellow campers in learning how to decoupage! Decoupage is the art of decorating objects by gluing colored paper cutouts, newspaper, and printed pictures onto objects like small boxes and picture frames.

Camp Arts: Drawing and Sketching – Experience the art of drawing and sketching as you use pencils, pens and markers to create a variety of projects.

Camp Arts: Duct Tape Crafts – This art class will introduce you to working with a new art medium - duct tape! You will learn how to make flowers, wallets, megaphones, and more.

Camp Arts: Fabric Art – Turn t-shirts, bandanas, and pillowcases into amazing works of art. You will have fun tie dying, stamping, and painting a variety of fabrics.

Camp Arts: Foam Art – Use foam to create amazing works of art that you can take home and show everyone!

Camp Arts: Hand Sewing – Learn a useful skill while making something fun. Campers will have the option of creating their own pillow animals, sock puppets, and/or leather change purses.

Camp Arts: Leather Crafts – Create projects like wallets and key chains by using stamps to create your designs in leather. You will also be painting or staining your designed craft for a finished look.

Camp Arts: Nature Crafts – Have fun using pieces of nature such as leaves and twigs to create amazing projects.

Camp Arts: Painting – Different weeks, campers will have the chance to explore the techniques of painting using watercolors, pastels and other paint mediums.

Camp Arts: Plaster Crafts – Do you love ceramics but rather spend more time painting than creating? Spend this art class painting a variety of pre-made mold ceramics.

Camp Art: Sandart – Pretend your at the beach and create amazing sand masterpieces!

Camp Arts: Scrapbooking – Use a digital camera to take pictures around camp, and then print them and put them in a scrapbook that you design and make!

Camp Arts: Sculpey – Campers will experiment with sculpey clay to create unique crafts that they can bring home and show off to their friends!

Camp Arts: Shrinky Dinks and Fuse Beads – Create your own designs on special Shrinky Dink paper. All you need to do is color and bake! Make them into jewelry, key chains, and more. Campers will also make Fuse beads crafts.

Camp Arts: Weaving and Yarn Crafts – This week of crafts will introduce you to the art of weaving. You will also make other unique, yarn-inspired crafts.

Camp Newspaper – Do you have a nose for news? Spend the week working on a newspaper staff of your friends and peers, together creating your very own camp newspaper. Design the layout, conduct interviews, write articles, and at the end of the week, print the paper for everyone to read!

Camp Radio – It’s your turn to be the DJ! Take requests, conduct interviews, and introduce songs over the camp-wide PA system.

Campfire Cooking – Spend the week cooking snacks over the campfire. Also, learn camping techniques and play some fun outdoor camping games.

Ceramics – This is a two-week club in which you create your own ceramic piece of art. Starting with a lump of clay, use your imagination to design, sculpt, and paint your masterpiece.

Club House – Head on down to the Rambling Pines Club House and play air hockey, ping-pong and foosball.

Cheerleading – Two, four, six, eight, yeah this club is really great! Learn fun cheers and then practice them around camp, cheering on various sporting activities.

Computers – Spend a week enjoying some screen time. Our computer room has plenty of fun computer games to choose from there is something for everyone to play!

Competitive Swim – For this club you have to be at swim level #4. Listen for the “go” and swim, swim, swim! Learn proper technique and improve your swim skills.

Cooking – Spend the week in the kitchen making tasty treats. Each week will have its own theme such as cupcake decorating and candy making.

Dance Dance Revolution – This popular video game really gets your feet moving. Spend the week competing against other campers in this exciting dance game.

Fishing – Grab a fishing pole and head on down to Peschen Pond to see if the fish are biting. Stitch and head

Flag Football – Learn how to play this exciting sport, and play against other campers and counselors.

Friendship Bracelets and Lanyards – Using string and lanyard, you will learn how to create different styles of bracelets and key chains.

Gaga – This fun game is similar to dodge ball, but in an enclosed gaga pit. Campers play as a team and try not to be tagged out.

Gardening – Do you have a green thumb? Learn how to take care of a garden. You will get to plant some seeds and watch them grow in Rambling Pines’ new garden.

“Glee” Musical Performance – Are you a Gleek? Inspired by the hit TV show, this activity lets campers spend the week selecting and performing songs.

Golf Activities – Learn proper golfing technique on Rambling Pines’ own driving range. During the week, you will also play mini golf and Frisbee golf.

Gymnastics – Learn some new moves as you work with our gymnastics instructors on your tumbling skills. You will also work on a group routine that you will perform at the end of the week.

Hip Hop Dance – Get ready to learn some new moves for the dance floor! At the end of the week you will perform your new group dance for the camp.

Improv/Monlogues – Can you think on your toes and love to act? In these new clubs, your acting skills are sure to improve.

Kickball – Kick the ball and then run the bases to score. This popular camp activity is always a fun time!

Mini Golf – Play a round or two on Rambling Pines’ own course. Practice your game and try to improve your score.

Model Kits – Spend the week putting your construction skills to work! You will have the chance to build a variety of model kits including rockets, cars, buildings, and boats. Rockets will be launched at the end of the week.

Mountain Biking – Campers must be entering the third grade to participate in this elective. You will get a bike and then ride on the camp trails, exploring the campgrounds.

Mountain Boarding/Mountain Sledding – Grab a mountain board or sled and head down the Rambling Pines hill!

Pool Activities – Spend the week at the pool playing a variety of water games. Each day will be a different activity including slides, water polo, basketball, volleyball, and Super Soakers.

Reading – There’s nothing like a good book to end the day. Bring your own book, find a special group reading spot, and enjoy a great story.

Ropes – Be adventurous and take a turn on the ropes course and zip line.

Schoolyard Games – This week will be full of traditional playground games such as jump rope, skip ropes, pogo sticks, and much more.

Science Experiments – See raisins dance, create a volcano, and find out what really happens when you add Mentos to diet soda. Campers will also select an experiment, which they will have the chance to present to the group!

Stream Walking and Hiking – This nature-inspired club will allow you to explore Rambling Pines’ beautiful campgrounds. Walk the nature trails and play some fun games along the way! Also, take a trip down to the stream to learn about the things that live in the water and to see if you can catch any crayfish.

Street Hockey – This popular sport fills up fast! Campers are put on teams and then show their skills on our very own street hockey court.

Soccer – This team sport is always a camp favorite. Spend the week playing soccer against other campers while improving your skills.

Softball/Baseball – Be a part of a home run derby and take a turn at the batting cages! During this weeklong club you will not only play the game, but you will also practice your fielding and hitting skills.

Triathlon (modified) – Do you like to swim, run, and bike? If so, this activity is right for you! Be a part of our very own triathlon around our campgrounds.

Tennis – Our tennis pro will teach you some skills to improve your game from your serve to your backhand. You will also get a chance to play against other campers.

Volleyball – Pretend you are on the beach as you play on Rambling Pines’ sand volleyball court.

Wii Games – Spend the week in our video game area playing a variety of Wii games including Wii sports, Dance Dance Revolution, Rockband, Wiifit, and Xbox Kinect.

Yoga – Find your inner Zen with this new elective! Our counselors will help you learn and master the difficult poses of yoga.

Zumba – This is a new activity at Rambling Pines this year! Zumba is a fun and exhilarating way to exercise through various dance moves!