Dates & Rates

Rates • 2022 Camp Season

Door to Door Transportation and Lunch included in fee;

Pick any weeks you need. Two week sessions must be consecutive.

New Camper Discount

Enroll now to enjoy a discount and secure a space for the 2022 camp season.

New 5 full day a week campers receive a $35 a week tuition discount.

Sibling Discounts

10% off the second child’s tuition, 25% off the 3rd child’s tuition, 50% off fourth child’s tuition. (Discounts are applied to the lowest tuition amount)

Zero Risk - Full refund policy

  • All enrollments are at NO RISK and subject to a full refund until June 15th.
  • After the start of the Camp Season, all credits are based on the difference of your current tuition and what the tuition would be for the shorter season.

Please pay all installments and balances on time to maintain the Early Enrollment discount.

Programs / Grade Entering8 Weeks7 Weeks6 Weeks5 Weeks4 Weeks3 Weeks2 Weeks
Day Camp / 2nd - 8th$6290$6095$5700$5115$4360$3455$2420
5 Day Camp / PreK - 1st$5920$5730$5355$4805$4095$3250$2270
4 Day Camp / PreK - 1st$5220$5055$4730$4245$3615$2870$2005
3 Day Camp / PreK - 1st$4720$4575$4270$3830$3270$2590$1810
Half Day Camp / PreK - K$4720$4575$4270$3830$3270$2590$1810
Teen Camp / 7th - 9th$7620$7255$6695$5945$5025$3955$2750


  • 2022 Regular Camp Season - Monday, June 27th to Friday, August 19th
  • Camp will be closed Monday, July 4th.